Chabad Ladies gala event honours Rhonda Eidelman

Chabad of Edmonton held a Ladies Gala Event on nov. 19, 2017 honouring Rhonda Eidelman (far left). Seating beside Rhonda are her daughters and daughter-in-law Aly, Rachel and Daniella. Standing is Rebbetzin Rifka Drelich.

by Rebbetzin Leibe Lagnado

(EJNews) – On Sunday, November 19, 2017 close to 120 ladies from around Edmonton gathered at the Fantasyland Hotel to attend Chabad’s Gala Evening honouring Rhonda Eidelman.

As we entered the conference room and saw the beautifully set tables and décor, we knew we were in for an exciting evening. Rebbetzin Rifka Drelich introduced the honouree and offered a special blessing on the occasion of Rhonda’s birthday. Rhonda was accompanied to the event by two of her daughters Aly and Daniella as well as her daughter-in-law Rachel.

While partaking in a delicious meal prepared by Ela V.  we were entertained to a musical interlude by Riquette Sherman, and then Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah Blachman performed a touching rendition of an old-time Yiddish favourite “Affen Pripichick”.

Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah Blachman

Rhonda told us a little about how she and her family came to Edmonton and what her work at the Jewish Family Services entails. We then watched Israeli dance performances by the Aviv Dance Group and all enjoyed learning and participating in a dance to the popular tune of “Od Lo Ahavti Dai”. After some mouth watering desserts, Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah led us in reciting Birchat Hamazon.

The evening concluded with a draw for two individual tickets for trips to Israel which were generously donated by an anonymous sponsor.  The excitement was great when it was announced that Tamara Aronov and Lauren Woolfson Baram were the lucky winners.  Thank you to Rebbetzin Rifka Drelich for organizing such a fantastic event and to her team of volunteers, Leanne Wasel, Reisa Ostrovsky and Tanya Kalitsky as well as Nechama Bernstein for presenting Rhonda with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

The Aviv Dancers performed beautifully at the Chabad of Edmonton Ladies Gala honouring Rhonda Eidelman.


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