Calgary Jewish Federation’s Response to Incident at Purple Perk

The following is the response from Calgary Jewish Federation Community Relations Chair Jared Shore, and CEO Adam Silver regarding the “Hitler Meme Incident” and Calgary’s Purple Perk Coffee Shop:

Yesterday we learned of the incident involving the owner of the Purple Perk, comparing the enforcement of social distancing rules to the rule of Hitler’s regime in Nazi Germany. Our community was heartened to see the swift and unanimous voice of Calgarians calling out this offensive behaviour.

Drawing parallels between these two events is offensive and ignorant, and to have taken place in advance of Yom HaShoah, our Jewish Community’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, reminds us of the importance of never forgetting the atrocities that took place over 75 years ago.

While Mr. Overholt’s apology was welcomed, his comment for people who were offended, to “lighten up” surely indicates he lacks any understanding of the gravity of the Holocaust on our Jewish community and other communities systematically murdered by the Nazi regime and their allies.

We thank Dr. Watkins and those Calgarians who swiftly and loudly condemned this abhorrent behaviour.

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  1. The above article shows a lack of latitude in thinking on the part of the writers.

    During the Hitler Nazi time in Germany, many Jews perished as a result of people informing on their neighbours and local businesses. The meme Mr. Overholt posted drew a parallel to that kind of behaviour, which behaviour he saw occurring in the community. I don’t believe he can be faulted for his timing of the posting being in advance of Yom HaShoah. It is unreasonable to expect the general population to be aware of that event. For the writers of the above article to expect that is simply self centered and arrogant. Stop thinking that everyone should be aware of all Jewish holidays and commemorative events. By the way, we (yes I am Jewish) do not hold a monopoly on being persecuted and having had genocide inflicted on us.

    Predictably, the politically correct sheep piled on top of Mr. Overholt as a result of his meme. This is another display of public shaming by the condescending know it alls and evidence of further decay in free speech.

    Though a bit of a maverick, Mr. Overholt is not anti-Semitic.

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