Calgary Jewish Federation stands in solidarity with Black communities

(Calgary) – The Calgary Jewish Federation issued this solidarity statement on June 4, 2020:

We stand in solidarity with Black communities at home and around the globe.

The events of the last week are a tragic reminder of the systemic racism that continues to exist in communities around the globe. As Jewish people whose fundamental values are centered upon the acceptance of others without bigotry and bias, times like these demonstrate our need to spend time listening, and ultimately learning to ensure we apply our collective voice in a way that matters to those who need it.

Over the past days, Calgary Jewish Federation has been in regular contact with leaders of our city’s Black community to express our continued support and commitment, and have vowed to work in concert with them to bring about a change that is long overdue. We stand in solidarity with our friends who are suffering and will continue to be an ally in the fight for equality and the ability for all people to live without fear.

We also recognize this time in our world is difficult for many to comprehend. There are more questions than answers, particularly among our youth who are trying to understand these events and the history that has preceded them. As leaders in our community, we encourage conversation, education, and empathy.

Together, we denounce hate and continue to work towards a better, more peaceful future.

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