Beth Israel outdoor Torah adventures in Edmonton: August 8

by Regan Treewater-Lipes

(AJNews) – Moshe Siderson and the team at Beth Israel Synagogue in Edmonton have seized  Summer 2021  in Edmonton head-on. Grab your walking shoes – their next activity will be held on August 8, with participants meeting at the Kinsman Field House Park. It is sure to be fun for all ages.

After a revving success on May 23 for their ‘Staycation Long-Weekend Road Trip’ scavenger hunt through the history of Jewish Edmonton, and a roaring ‘Jews in Canoes’ adventure down the North Saskatchewan River on July 4, it became increasing clear that the community is eager to be active in a non-virtual way.

Their line-up for Summer 2021 promises to keep Jewish Edmontonians engaged and active in both mind and body. “It is all fun and exciting, but what we have put together is always rooted in Jewish learning,”  noted Siderson.

On August 8, Edmontonians can satisfy their pedometers’ daily step-count with ‘Get Over it: A Bridge to Bridge to Bridge to Bridge Walk.”

“We will have an organized walk over four Edmonton bridges,” explained Siderson. “We’ll meet at the Kinsman Field House Park at noon on August 8. We will meet, greet and pick up EATS and drinks to start you on your way.

“We will be walking over 3 bridges in Edmonton’s River Valley, beginning with Edmonton’s newest – the Walterdale Bridge. That will also be the first stop for the Torah Talk with Rabbi Claman.

“After each Bridge, your route option could be back to our gathering at the Kinsmen Park or continue to Bridges 2 and 3… and then back to our gathering at the Kinsmen Park.

“Once we are all back at our gathering spot, there will be fun and games- as we wait for everyone to return; then we will have SUSHI and the 2nd part of Rabbi Claman’s Torah Talk.”

Approximate walking times are small: 1 hour, medium: 1.5 hours, large: 2 hours and xlarge: includes a loop back on Edmonton’s highest bridge: 3 hours. A full trip map will be made available closer to the date of the event.

Another engaging and active adventure orchestrated by Siderson and the team is in the planning stage.
“Before Rosh Hashanah we are also planning to either organize a trip to go berry picking or to the corn maze,” he continued. The goal behind all that Siderson envisions for Summer 2021 is to feed the need for Jewish learning through engaging the community in a safe and active way.

“By keeping things outside, we know that we can cater to all comfort levels. We are looking forward to moving back inside for services gradually, but who knows when we will be able to share a kiddush lunch again.” Siderson pointed out that Beth Israel Synagogue has maintained active and dedicated Jewish worship throughout the pandemic, but he, and his colleague, are eagerly preparing to transition back to ‘normal’ conditions.

So, don’t worry about finding the right Zoom link buried in your email, and stop fretting about whether your webcam is picking up the mess in the background – just visit the Beth Israel website to get outside and get active this summer – both spiritually and physically. Don’t miss out on their lively and dynamic ‘Torah Talks’ and see what other innovative adventures are in the works. Please visit:

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