BBYO celebrates Shabbat with nursing home residents and their families

Members of the Edmonton chapter of BBYO celebrated Shabbat with residents of the Lynwood CapitalCare nursing home and their families.

By Jordyn Wright

BBYO celebrates Shabbat with residents at Lynnwood CapitalCare.

(EJNews) – Judaism looks diverse worldwide, but Shabbat has always been a universal characteristic of Jewish culture. Edmonton members of B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO), a pluralist Jewish youth movement, recently welcomed Shabbat with residents of a local nursing home.

On Friday April 27th, BBYO teens led a Kabbalat Service for Jewish residents of CapitalCare Lynnwood nursing home and their families. A dozen teens ranging from grades 9-12 plus a companion dog interacted with residents and their families and participated in a service led by BBYO youth leaders Nathan Campbell, Micah Allen, and Roey Wine. This intergenerational program was meaningful for all who came together. Residents and families alike enjoyed the experience of bringing in Shabbat together, providing an opportunity for residents to maintain Jewish traditions.

Regardless of affiliation, participation in movements such as BBYO strengthen community ties and Jewish identity for teens post B’nai Mitzvah. It has taught my peers and me the virtue of service to our community and the importance of our heritage. This event brought many of us together from across the city to grow as individuals and as a community, a standard of our local chapters. In addition to this event, BBYO volunteers with Good Deeds Day, will be running a fundraiser for Save A Child’s Heart in June, and holds regular multi-fold programming for its members.

If you know of Jewish teens in grades 8 and older who would be interested in joining BBYO, please contact City Supervisor, Deb Lipton at

Jordyn Wright, a high school student in Edmonton is Regional President of the Northwest Canada Region of BBYO.

BBYO members (plus a companion dog) celebrated Shabbat at Lynnwood CapitalCare in Edmonton.


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