Au Revoir, Moishe Belzberg z’l

Au Revoir, Moishe

A bright star from the beginning, responsibilities taken seriously

Driven, ambitious, generous, smart

Our principled, humble patriarch – who built a kingdom from scratch

Without even a high school diploma, becoming a king in business – as well as in life

Golfer, traveler, pursuer of knowledge – with an unmatched enthusiasm for hockey

Ever curious about the world, with a never-ending spirit of generosity

Consuming 5 newspapers every single day

Moving fast, no time to waste!

Giving to so many – making life easier for those he loved, with joy in his heart

Generously supporting his beliefs

A storyteller, a faithful, honest man

Who will be greatly missed

By so many of us.

When asked how he was, Morris almost always replied: Feeling better than perfect.”

We will remember him this way.


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