A Message from Jewish Federation of Edmonton President Steven Shafir

(April 18) –  Over the last couple of months, the Jewish Federation of Edmonton’s Executive Committee has held a number of meetings to discuss the future of the Jewish Community Centre project. Keeping in mind that we must come to a final determination within a short timeframe, I will be striking a committee to provide the Executive with advice moving forward. The hope is that the committee will look at this objectively and with fresh sets of eyes.
I have some people in mind to chair this committee and have started reaching out to some of them. I will task the committee to provide the Jewish Federation with a list of available alternatives, as well as to set out the benefits and detriments of each option for the use of the JCC funds. The committee will be asked to providing their recommendations for one, some, all or none of the following options:
  1. Investing the funds and using the interest for rent as needed, programming and staffing;
  2. Partnering with existing Jewish institutions for either a temporary or permanent use agreement of their space;
  3. Purchasing land with the goal of raising funds to build a stand-alone Jewish Community Centre; or,
  4. Renting space from a third party that could function as a Jewish Community Centre.
I am hoping that the Executive will be in receipt of a copy of the committee’s recommendations before our next Annual General Meeting.
Thank you, and Chag Sameach,
Steven Shafir
President, Jewish Federation of Edmonton

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