A Chanukah message from Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

(December 10, 2020) – Premier Jason Kenney issued this statement as Albertans of the Jewish faith celebrate Hanukkah:

“December is the darkest month and the pandemic makes everything seem even bleaker. There is no better time to light up the darkness with candles on a menorah, as Jewish people are doing across Alberta.

“The miracle of the oil in the Holy Temple lasting for eight days was a sign to those of the Jewish faith that God was with them, and that defeat turns to victory in the end.

“This year, the glow of the menorah is a symbol of hope for us all. It’s a reminder that despair does not win. Courage and steadfastness are strong enough to overcome it – and they will again in Alberta, just as they did in the land of Israel more than two millennia ago. Days of light and happiness will return to our province.”

“I wish Jewish families a safe and wonderful holiday. Chag Hanukkah sameach!”


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