Edmonton Jewish Senior Citizen’s Centre is for the young at heart

The Edmonton Jewish Senior Citizen's Centre offers a wide variety of programs and special events. Pictured above: A gala fashion show at the centre.

by Daniel Rubenstein

(EJNews) – For many individuals, when they hear the term “Jewish Senior Centre”, they immediately assume that this is an end destination for old people who are nearing death.  Out of fear, due to this misunderstanding, they avoid these centres and commonly state that they are too young for them.  However, this stigma is absolutely incorrect.  The benefits of seniors’ centres are extraordinary, in particular at the Jewish Senior Citizen’s Centre (aka Jewish Drop-In Centre) located in Edmonton at 10052 – 117 Street. Numerous activities are organized for our seniors, such as holidays celebration, fun fitness activities, delicious lunches, educational programs with guest speakers and also games.

Members of the Edmonton panel.

Members of the Edmonton panel.

These varied activities serve the purpose of promoting our senior citizens to communicate and strengthen emotional ties with one another by forming a sense of solidarity and companionship within our community.  Additionally, the lunch and learn programs help keep our senior members up-to-date by bringing them a multitude of current events occurring in both Canada and Israel.

Our seniors are young-at-heart.  Having come from different parts of the world, they have so much history from their varied backgrounds and experiences.  At the Jewish Senior Citizens’ Centre, we offer them a place to come together and share their stories.  We also give them the opportunity to learn new things and to feel a sense of community.

We strongly encourage younger volunteers to come and help organize events at our Centre as well as to stay and communicate with our senior members.  This helps to promote a feeling of youthfulness for our seniors.  It gives volunteers a wonderful opportunity to learn about our culture and history from the witnesses of the major events in the world history of Jews. Anyone can have access to a book about Judaism, but to obtain the history first-hand, from our senior members, is a unique, worthwhile experience of great benefit to all.

To contact the Jewish Senior Citizen’s Centre drop by or call 780-488-4241.

Holiday celebration at the Edmonton Jewish Senior Citizen's Centre.

Holiday celebration at the Edmonton Jewish Senior Citizen’s Centre.


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