Helping a Talmud Torah family

by Frida Pesin and Regan Treewater-Lipes

(EJNews) – As a community we have always taken great comfort in the strength of our supportive and generous Jewish community.  It is on behalf of one of the youngest members of our group, Eden Salmanov, and her family, that the Jewish community has united. Retinoblastoma is a rare and aggressive form of cancer that predominantly affects children.  Often, it results in a partial loss of sight, and in its advanced stages, blindness.

Eden Salmanov

Eden Salmanov

Recently the Salmanovs were given the devastating news that the youngest of their three children, Eden, is currently suffering from this debilitating disease.  Eden, a smiley and energetic 19-month-old, has been scheduled for immediate chemotherapy treatments with a specialist in Toronto.  There is no telling how long her chemotherapy will take, and in the interim her mother will be out of work while caring for Eden during her treatment in Toronto, as well as her recovery.

The Salmanovs are new immigrants to Canada, with all their family far away; that is why we as their new family are compelled to stand with them as they brave the road ahead.  With no supplemental medical insurance the family will incur crippling costs to afford Eden’s medications, not to mention travel expenses and the financial burden of supporting a family of five on one modest salary. Community members have been dropping off donations at the Talmud Torah Society office for the Salmanovs to help sustain them as they overcome these insurmountable challenges.

No contribution is too small. If you would like to help please drop off your donation at 6320-172 Street  or call 780 481-3377.

There are also other ways to help.

Empties for Eden – Do you have bags and Bags and BAGS of empty drink containers? Do you want to make a difference in the recovery of a 19-month-old girl? On Sunday, December 6 from 10 am – 4 pm  we will arrange pick ups of your empties as a donation to ‘Empties for Eden’. To schedule a pick up please call (or text) Regan at 587.783.6661. It couldn’t be easier!

Family Portraits at the Babies & Tots Chanukah Party on Monday December 7, 6 p.m. at Talmud Torah School. For a minimum $18 donation you can have a professional photographer take your family portrait. For more information call Frida at 780 481-3377.

Help us remind Eden and the Salmanovs that they are not alone. Our thoughts and prayers are with Eden and all the Salmanovs as they persevere.

Editor’s note: Edmonton Jewish News spoke with Frida this morning and she said that since this article appeared in our print edition there has been a beautiful outpouring of help for this family. She said that Eden and her mother are currently in Toronto for the treatment. Frida said that the Society had collected enough bottles in the Empties for Eden program to cover half the cost of an airfare for Eden’s father to join them for a visit in Toronto. However  when Frida arrived home on Friday December 4 she had been burglarized and all the bottles were taken. “I was heart broken,” admitted Frida. “I don’t usually care much about empty bottles but this was for the family and it was very important to all of us.”

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